Mirage Cpap Mask

The mirage cpap mask or the continuous positive airway pressure is a mask which is generally used for treating sleep apnea. This mirage quattro mask is a equipment which helps in flowing of the compressed air in to the face mask which is directed to the nostrils. The compressed air which is let from the small machine passes through a hose which is fitted to the resmed mirage Quattro which is fixed on the face as mask. This air flow from the machine balances the air requirement of the person suffering from the problem of sleep apnea.

The mechanism of the mask is very simple as the air flows through the hose continuously in full pressure it helps in keeping the air way open for easy respiration of the person. The actual problem faced by the person suffering from sleep apnea is the problem of not being able to breathe freely or not able to breathe completely. The breathing problem for sleep apnea patients is generally due to the relaxation tendency of the muscles present in the air way which leads to the narrowing of the space in the nostrils creating breathing issues such as disability to breathe continuously and other problems of this sort.


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